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About us

Bamboo Bike Thailand works together with Project Lifecycle B.V., a Dutch company focusing on producing bikes and bamboo bikes in developing countries and organizing unique bicycle day-tours. By using their expertise in combination with our understanding of local habits and (hidden) highlights, we are able to offer you high-quality unique experiences in Thailand.

The Dutch and Thai founders of Bamboo Bicycle Tours Thailand found each other in their passion for cycling and nature. They just want to share with others what they enjoy doing every day of the year: riding a bicycle in a lush, green oasis tucked away in a city of 10 million. Whatever your tour of choice, our aim is to provide you with the best memories of Thailand

We ride on Bamboo bikes if available at the time or a quality conventional bike, whatever your preference.

You can also find us in:


(due to the Military Coup we had to temporary close down this tour)

Bamboe fiets op de veranda