Cycling in Bangkok? Choose the most special bike tour in town

Sometimes you cannot help your thoughts wandering off to sunny holiday destinations. And why should you? It is great to look ahead to your next well-deserved adventure. Maybe, you have been thinking of going to Thailand. A super friendly culture, mouth-watering food, beautiful nature, great beaches and a pleasant climate: there is so much to enjoy for everyone. So much that you sometimes have to make choices. And then perhaps the most important question is: do I follow the masses or do I want to do something very special?

Escape the masses

Following the crowd is always a safe bet: you will get to see the best-known places, it is easy to find and no hassle. However, it does not always give you the best experience. Sometimes it gets busy and you will be surrounded by other tourists, lining up for your activity. As a result, cycling in Bangkok becomes more of a parade rather than the special adventure you had in mind. However, it is good to know that you can still escape the masses. Thailand – and even Bangkok – has many hidden gems that make your holiday a truly unique experience.


Two friendly monks waiving from a temple Collared kingfishers on a branch.

Bang Kachao: our insider tip

Bang Kachao is such a pleasant surprise: an impressive green oasis in the middle of Bangkok. It is just across the river from downtown Bangkok, but you will be impressed by the striking contrast between the two sides of the river. Here you will find authentic Thailand, where the local community lives in wooden houses between jungle-like stretches of palms and banana trees. The area is perfect for cycling. If you know your way around, you can mainly follow small paths and quiet backroads. You can’t imagine a better place for a bicycle tour in Bangkok. To give you the best experience, Bamboo Bicycle Tours rides in small groups only. With a bit of luck, you see kingfishers, large monitor lizards and – very unique – dancing fireflies!

However, there is much more than the abundant flora and fauna! In our little heaven, you can also find beautiful temples, delicious food, interesting sites and a floating market at weekends. Your adventure already starts when we pick you up to cross the river in a traditional longtail boat. On the other side, you will enjoy the stunning views of the Bangkok skyline. After your bicycle experience, you can relax over a drink in our riverside restaurant. Just watch the sun go down behind the high-rises of the city, while the river gently floats under your feet. You can also combine our bike tours with a mouth-watering dinner and a boat cruise to watch the fireflies.

On a bamboo bike

So it is all up to you: do you want to follow the crowds or do you prefer to create your own special story? The story that you went cycling in the middle of Bangkok, through a green oasis on a bicycle made from bamboo? Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention that you will be riding on one of our unique comfortable bamboo bikes. More special than this, it simply doesn’t get. Experience it for yourself!

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