Our beautiful bamboo bikes: now for sale

Love at first sight, that’s what our guests feel when we handover the bamboo bike for the tour. OK, we have friendly staff and charming guides but guests fall in love with our attractive bicycles. No wonder, they are stunning beauty’s.

To say goodbye to their bike is not easy for our guests. Some of them even want to pack it and send it home directly. Because we were a little short on bikes, this was not possible so far.

However, now we have great news for you: now we also build bamboo bikes for sale! For everyone who wants to enjoy the comfort and design of a bamboo bicycle, we are offering the BamBuckel 2019. (see image below).


The BamBuckel is a robust bike with a bamboo frame, carbon lugs and 7 gears. We can personalize it for you by assembling wooden pedals, fenders or a handlebar. All unique and absolute eye-catchers.


This beauty is for sale starting from US$ 995 (excl. shipping costs). Via the contact form on this website, you make your interest known. Together with you, we assemble your perfect bike and a non-binding offer including the estimated moment of delivery.

Bamboo bicycle

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