Our tip: Spotting Fireflies in Bangkok

Due to pollution and mass tourism, nowadays they are hard to find: fireflies. But we know where to find them…. not that far away.

In Bang Krachao – the Green Oasis of Bangkok – you still can marvel the twilight’s natural spectacle of thousands of dancing flies (which are actual little beetles). The best way to go through this experience, is during twilight on a bamboo bicycle. Truly amazing!

It’s hard to imagine that such a unique natural phenomenon occurs in a busy metropole like Bangkok.  But in a bench of the river you’ll find ‘the Green Lung of Bangkok’ which provides the perfect circumstances for fireflies. It’s green, hot and humid. But above all there is no ‘light pollution‘. Fireflies love the complete darkness.

This week there’s a good chance that the fireflies are dancing for us. Do you want to experience this? Bamboo Bicycle Tours Thailand organizes a special ‘Firefly Tour’  on their unique bamboo bikes. For now they already planned a tour on Thursday. Here you’ll find more information about this tour.

Spotting dancing fireflies in Bangkok makes your trip unforgettable.

Fireflies light up at night in Bangkok
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