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Special offer: combine your tour with a hotel

Just across the river from downtown Bangkok, you’ll find a green oasis. Enjoy the relaxed rural atmosphere, rich cultural heritage and the beautiful nature of this hidden gem. Now you can combine our amazing Bamboo Bicycle Tour with a stay in a brand-new boutique hotel, beautifully located at the river banks and overlooking the Bangkok skyline.

On comfy bamboo bicycles, we show you the way in the lush tropical forests filled with wildlife. We show you the hidden gems that only insiders know. Once you return from the tour, you can relax a bit over a drink and a snack, while watching the sunset over Bangkok. Fancy a romantic dinner? The restaurant also serves delicious Thai food at very reasonable prices.

You can also stay a night at the hotel first and have a lovely morning ride thereafter.

Your Stay

Our boutique hotel is perfectly located in the greenest and most peaceful area close to downtown Bangkok. It is known as the best urban oasis of Asia. You can find us right on the river bank, overlooking Bangkok. We are within easy reach of both the city and airport. The immaculately clean and luxury rooms offer you all the facilities for a very comfortable peaceful night’s sleep. All rooms have been beautifully designed with different themes. Your friendly host speaks English and will make sure your stay will be unforgettable.

The Bamboo Bicycle Tour

The Jungle Tour is our popular half-day tour. It takes you quiet roads and meter-wide, elevated paths through local communities and lush, tropical forest with jungle-like stretches of palms, mangroves, banyan and banana trees. It’s hard to believe you are only a few hundred meters from Bangkok. You will get comfortable on your unique, silky-riding bamboo bike easily. You may get a glimpse of electric-blue kingfishers, canopy-dwelling squirrels or Jurassic monitor lizards that can grow more than two meters long.

Your guide will explain interesting facts about the history of the area, the culture and abundant flora & fauna. Also, you will walk around a village built over water, visit a small local museum and watch mushrooms grow at a farm. You will have a break and a chance to feed the fish at the beautiful Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park, with its shaded cycling lanes and bird watching tower.

What is included?

All fees, ferry fares, welcome drink, bottled water and one night stay in our homestay is included. A Thai breakfast can be enjoyed at a nearby restaurant or choose our include our delicious breakfast to be served at your room for only 150 baht additional.

What is the price?

The price is THB 3,900 for 2 persons. Special promotion: THB 2,900 if you book before February 1, 2020.  You can pay online by card or using PayPal.

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Your package in brief

  • A night at our comfortable boutique hotel

  • Unique biking adventure in Bangkok’s jungle

  • Two options: 1) afternoon tour followed by relaxed stay, 2) morning tour after a good night’s rest.

  • Easy access from downtown Bangkok and airport

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Promotion details

Book and pay online before December 1. For 2 persons, you pay THB 2,900 only (normal price THB 3,900).

For other options and deals, please contact us.