Your Bike Tour in the Bangkok Jungle

With this bicycle tour you will escape from the hustle & bustle of Bangkok. Experience the relaxed rural atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and the beautiful nature of a hidden gem. Cycle with us during the day or twilight on our comfy bamboo bicycles. This is the best way to explore Bang Kachao with its lush tropical forests filled with wildlife. And guess what? It is just across the river from downtown Bangkok! However, you will be impressed by the striking contrast between the two sides of the river.

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Enjoying Bangkok starts with a sensational tour on your bamboo bike. Hey, it’s holiday. So for your convenience, our meeting point is easily accessible from the centre of Bangkok.

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Bike tour in Bangkok on a safe bike lane
Firefly Bicycle Tour Bangkok
Bicycle tour guests posing in Bangkok

Special offer: Tour and Hotel

Book a tour for two and get a room in our boutique hotel for free

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Our Bike Tour

Family on bamboo bikes in Bangkok.

We call Bang Kachao our home and love sharing it with you. We will take you well off-the-beaten-track. It’s hard to believe you are only a few hundred meters away from downtown Bangkok. You will experience what only a few outsiders ever have seen.

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Special offer: Tour and Hotel

Room and Tour Offer

Now you can combine our amazing Bamboo Bicycle Tour with a stay in a small, brand-new boutique hotel, beautifully located at the river banks and overlooking the Bangkok skyline. Special offer: Book a tour for two and get one overnight stay for free!

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Bicycles for Sale

We have great news for you: our bamboo bikes are for sale now! For everyone who wants to enjoy the comfort and design of a bamboo bicycle, we are offering the BamBuckel 2019. The BamBuckel is a robust bike with a bamboo frame, carbon lugs and 7 gears.

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