The Bangkok Jungle on a bamboo bike

On our bike tour you will escape from the hustle & bustle of Bangkok. Experience the relaxed rural atmosphere, rich cultural heritage, and the beautiful nature of a hidden gem. Cycle with us during the day or twilight on our comfy bamboo bicycles and explore Bang Krachao with its lush tropical forests filled with wildlife. It is just across the river from downtown Bangkok, but you will be impressed by the striking contrast between the two sides of the river.

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Enjoying Bangkok starts with a sensationable bike tour on your bamboo bike. Have fun.

Firefly Bicycle Tour Bangkok
Family Bicycle Tour Bangkok

Your bamboo bike is ready to ride

Bamboo Bicycle tour

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We call Bang Krachao our home and love sharing it with you. We will take you well off-the-beaten track. It’s hard to believe you are only a few hundred meters away from downtown Bangkok. You will experience what only few outsiders ever have seen.

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About us

Waarom Bamboe

The Dutch and Thai founders of Bamboo Bicycle Tours Thailand found each other in their passion for cycling and nature. We just want to share with you what we enjoy doing every day of the year: riding a bamboo bicycle in a lush, green oasis tucked away in a city of 10 million.

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Our bikes

Bike Tour Thailand

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that can be sustainably harvested. It has an incredibly strong and stiff structure that resists bending and twisting, but is also lightweight and vibration damping. In short, we couldn’t have asked for a better material for crafting our bikes.

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